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CDC Q Fever Lab: FAIL!

There seem to be some problems with the CDC’s Q Fever Biohazard level 3 facility:

The NY Times editors comment on Louisiana’s latest creationist idiocy, supported by Republican governor Bobby Jindal (italics mine):

…and that wasn’t the worst part. From Moue Magazine–who deserves much credit for the brilliant description of ID advocates as “self-hating scientists”:

I expect Republicans to eviscerate the Constitution, but, once again, the Democrats failed to hold the line, and, instead, granted the telecoms immunity in the House legislation. I’ll get back to why I emphasized granted, but if you want to know what this is all about, Hilzoy gives the best description I’ve read so far…

A Complaint About PAUP*

Gimme back my PAUP* menus! One of the most unheralded breakthroughs in DNA sequence analysis–and, in particular, phylogenetics–was PAUP*. PAUP* is software that uses morphology or DNA sequence to construct phylogenies; that is, how organisms are related to another**.

So I emerge from my grant writing burrow only to discover by way of ScienceBlogling PZ that the clowns at Answers in Genesis are pestering National Academy of Sciences member Richard Lenski about the citrate evolution in E. coli paper he co-authored.

ScienceBlogling Bora, in discussing the new release of journal impact factors–an estimation of how widely read journal articles are–writes:

The Washington Mandarins are clutching their pearls over this dastardly Democratic ad:

For the last two decades, give or take, charter schools have been a cause celebre for conservatives. Yet they seem to have abandoned them as a political issue. Here’s one reason why (italics mine):

I’ve noted before how stupid creationists are when they burble things like ‘mutation is bad.’ Well, a brief story in Nature once again shows just how stupid that whole idea is: