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The Piggy MRSA Is in Hospitals

I’ve been saying for a while now that the ‘piggy MRSA*’, known as ST398, is going to be a problem. Always listen to the Mad Biologist.

I’ve discussed Republican rising star Bobby Jindal’s public support for creationism before. What’s galling is that his idiocy can’t be laid at cognitive deficiency or ignorance. I was in the same graduating class as Jindal, and I know that every biology major had considerable exposure to evolutionary biology.

A Question About Boston’s T

Last week there was a horrible accident on the T (Boston’s subway), with the driver of the train killed. While the driver and others have been cleared of criminal charges, the NTSB is investigating, since it has been reported that the train was going too fast and the signaling system failed to alert the driver.

Ben Stein Lies About Economics Too

So we know Ben Stein lies about evolution. Now, Stein is lying about economics (italics mine):

Wolfrum at Shakesville alerts us to The New Right’s attempt to lay our failed energy policies every but at the feet of Republicans: Take the post “How did the GOP get stuck “Defending Big Oil” again?” Now, this post could have been just five words long: “Because that’s what they do.” But the post is…

Here’s a letter from the journal Nature from a Mexican author about creationism:

Or is it pendula? Regardless, one has to work for progress; it is not an indefatigable natural phenomenon. A while ago, I had this to say about racial progress in the U.S.:

The NY Times has an article recapping how Obama defeated Clinton in the Democratic primary. The article is a prime example of the myopia that afflicts our political press. And it’s not what’s in the article, but what’s missing.

There’s been a lot of discussion about why women in academia have fewer children than those in medicine or law. Unfortunately, it seems to be veering dangerously close to the ‘pro-kids, anti-kids’ argument that ultimately breaks out, when instead, I think the problem has less to do with children and more to do with a…

Race: The Long Hard Road

I’ve been very leary of all of the discussions of Obama as a transformative figure: I remember in Virginia when Doug Wilder was elected as the first black governor since Reconstruction and then…a few years later, a wave of conservatism washed over, well, everything. But, nonetheless, Obama’s nomination does lend itself to some optimism: