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…and you’ll be surprised who said that. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki:

Skeptics Circle #91 Is Up

The new edition of the Skeptics Circle blog carnival is up. Go check it out.

A recent poll breaks down the support for McCain and Obama among Jews by denomination:

…at least in Houston, Texas. With non-automobile transportation options in the news, on of the interesting things is that the actual entire cost of automobile transportation infrastructure–that is, roads, is rarely discussed, while it is almost always raised with mass transit. But, by way of Ryan Avent, lookee what happens when the lifetime cost of…

I Don’t Like the Word Darwinism Either

Since I’ve ripped into Olivia Judson before, it’s only fair that I note Judson’s good suggestion–eliminate the term Darwinism (although we definitely need to keep TEH DARWINSIMZ!!; italics mine):

…I think he’s right (don’t tell driftglass). From the NY Times:

From the NY Times editorial page comes this explanation of a government healthcare boondoggle (italics mine):

Sizzle: Needs More Steak

I’m not sure what to make of Randy Olson’s newest movie, Sizzle. One reason is that the first half of the movie is weak.

…seven years later? The bad news–for years, cephalosporin antibiotics (antibiotics derived from penicillin, such as ceftiofur, cephalothalin, cefoxitin, and ceftriaxone) were used ‘off-label’ (meaning irresponsibly) in agriculture (italics mine):

…the Crazy Twenty-Sevens. From driftglass: