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Brad DeLong isn’t the only one who thinks the Washington Post‘s reporting stinks:

One of the things I find fascinating about the Weather Channel is that after watching it for a while, you actually start to worry about that cold front moving through some other part of the country. You become quite paranoid about things that won’t affect you. Well, I’ve got an even better way to drive…

Some Thoughts About STAP

Jonathan Eisen has a paper in PLoS One describing software that he’s developed for analyzing 16S rRNA sequence data. Rather than walk through everything, I’ve decided this post will be different: I’m going to treat this as a manuscript that I’m reviewing (there will be some differences, and it won’t be as formally written as…

More DHS follies. In this case, what we have here is a failure to communicate. From a Californian living near the wildfires (the good folks at skippy don’t like capital letters):

By way of a link from Pam’s House Blend to this post, I came across a really good question about funding faith-based initiatives (bold original):

As usual, if you want to know the back story, Bora has the links. What has always steamed me about the for-profit publishers is that they charge so much for something they have very little part in manufacturing.

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen a spate of posts from certain quarters proclaiming that the Lenski-Schlafly dustup is good for creationists. I think the assessment by RationalWiki is right on target:

…stop rapists over here. Because fighting them over there isn’t working out so well. If DHS, which was supposed to protect us from terrorism, can go after intellectual property theft, certainly rape falls under its purview.

Review Articles or Review Chapters?

I’m approaching the tail end of grant writing season, and I’ve had to update my CV, put it in NIH format, and so on. It occurred to me while doing this is that there is very little professional incentive to write book chapters, since most (although not all) are not peer-reviewed, and consequently aren’t viewed…

By way of Pandagon, we learn that the stimulus check isn’t, well, stimulating ‘values’: