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On “Cancer Ridden”

Orac is right to call out Stoller for referring to McCain as cancer-ridden–it’s not true. Worse, it’s cruel, and I should have made it clear that I’ve never supported the ‘cancer critique.’ (I have called McCain many things, but never that). At the time, I thought it would be dishonest to cut out that one…

By way of Michael Tomasky, I stumbled across this site hosted by presidential debate moderator Rev. Rick Warren (?!?). Here’s what the good reverend has to say about evolution:

Recently, I wrote about the staggering stupidity of the national political press corps. Eric Alterman provides another example, the LA Times “chief innovation officer” (italics mine):

…about Obama. Bowers (italics mine):

By now, you might have heard about McCain’s forgetfulness about how many homes he owns (at least seven). But his campaign’s response is utterly absurd (italics mine):

FBI to Published Anthrax Evidence

This is a good start:

It’s struck me as curious that fellow POWs haven’t played more of a role in the McCain campaign–it can’t be reticence on McCain’s part since he repeatedly brings up his service (and starts many of his campaign events with a three minute film highlighting his capitivity). I was going to post about that, but then…

Republican John McCain has repeatedly portrayed a study that uses bear DNA to estimate the population size of potentially endangered bears as an example of government waste and pork barrel spending. There’s one small problem, however.

Admist all of the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over what some think is a relatively poor performance by Obama against McCain, skippy puts racism in its proper context (note: skippy worked very hard to remove all of those capital letters. Who am I to put them all back?):

…and it’s symptomatic of a larger problem too. First, here’s what Eisen says about articles published in Science (and presumably Nature too; italics mine):