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This is not good. A recent article in Emerging Infectious Diseases describes two separate cases of community-acquired ST398 MRSA–and neither case was associated with agriculture. Let me explain what this means and why this is really bad news.

Olivia Judson on the Utility of Evolution

Olivia Judson, in an excellent op-ed, lays out the utility argument for why students should learn evolution as part of biology:

Clean Wastewater and the Naturalist Fallacy

In a very interesting NY Times magazine article about wastewater treatment (no, really, it is worth reading), I came across this passage:

Bush Is Restoring Dignity to the White House

Here’s an image that is…unsettling:

Happy Birthday to Social Security!

From FDR’s grandson, here’s a video that puts Social Security–and its current politics–in proper context:

Anthrax and the Myth of the Mad Scientist

Chris Mooney is worried that the latest turns in the anthrax case are reinforcing the notion of the ‘mad scientist’ (and what, exactly, is wrong with a Mad Scientist? Just asking):

This is creepy (italics mine):

Reed Elsevier Is Stealing My Words

This displeases us greatly.

As Jesse at Pandagon notes, even though the presidential race is stagnant in that the numbers aren’t shifting much, that’s not the same as the race being in a dead heat. This would be obvious, if your typical political reporter wasn’t a mathematically illiterate moron.

Commenting on John Edwards, Joe Klein makes two excellent points: