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These Are the People a Bailout Should Help

In the midst of the financial crisis, I think we’ve lost sight of the real victims here–people trapped in a housing debt prison:

Programming Note

I’ll be away for a couple weeks on a much needed vacation. Don’t worry, blogging will still happen, just not quite as regularly.

Dodd Has a Good Bailout Plan

It’s not great, and I would like to see more things in it that can be negotiated away, but it still hits most of the points I raised. Outsourced to Ian Welsh:

First, the last name of “Kaptur” is awesome. Also, she has an accent that is nearly as ridiculous as Palin’s, so Kaptur must be a ‘real’ American:

Looking for a Few Good Steves

Five, actually. This showed up on a listserv I’m a member of:

A Message from Treasury Secretary LOLson

Ten million dollars buys you a lot of police misconduct:

…John Bircher? By way of ScienceBlogling Ed Brayton, I came across this Salon article describing Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s claim that she is a young earth creationist (or, at the very least, believes that human and dinosaurs lived at the same time, which is fucking stupid enough). But it gets even more insane. From…

Before I get to the letter I sent to my Congressional delegation, I want to discuss why the proposed bailout matters if you consider yourself a friend of science.

If it’s wrong when the government gets into the health insurance business*, why it is right when the government gets into the financial insurance business? Surely, physical health is as important as financial health? Never mind.