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Vote Yes on MA Proposition 1 Because…

…the Mad Biologist needs more expensive prime rib. One of the initiatives on the Massachusetts ballot is Proposition 1, which calls for the abolition of the MA income tax. You might be surprised to read that the Mad Biologist is urging you to vote for Proposition 1.

Chuck Hagel on Know-Nothingism

While I often disagree with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), he usually doesn’t practice sleazeball politics. He’s also disgusted by the Cult of Stupidity that has enveloped the Republican Party:

Why VRE Is a Problem

ScienceBlogling Revere links to a news article about high levels of VRE, vancomycin resistant enterococci in beach sand. While Revere and the article both describe how this indicates that VRE are established in the community, I think a far more chilling problem isn’t mentioned at all: VMRSA.

By way of Skepchick comes this excellent video which bluntly shows just how bigoted and hateful claims opposing gay marriage are:

Note to election officials–a good way to restore faith in the validity of election results is to have the demonstration machine function properly:

…I would be feeling like an idiot right about now. A while ago, I endorsed Sonia Chang-Diaz over Dianne Wilkerson for MA State Senate because I thought Wilkerson had some ethics problems. I didn’t know the half of it (italics mine):

One of the things that has puzzled me about natural history/science museums are the mineralogy exhibits. They really don’t seem to be about anything other than “OOH! SHINY PEBBLE!” Mind you, they often have some very cool and shiny pebbles, but contrast them to paleontology exhibits.

About That Limiting NIH Applications Post…

First, thanks to everyone who commented. I think DrugMonkey hit the nail on the head:

I came across this Science letter to the editor about a “gradual peer review process” by the associate editor for Plant Signalling and Behavior, Communicative and Integrative Biology; it’s pretty interesting:

From the Oxdown Gazette comes this interview transcript with Sarah Palin: