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About That Fruit Fly Research…

…it’s applied research. As far as I can tell, the McCain campaign is referring to a study of olive fruit flies which are an agricultural pest. From the congressman who wrote the earmark:

A Tale of Two Polls

Consider the following:

Brad DeLong puts it very eloquently:

I’ve found a good post that does a very good job of laying out some of the long range and immediate factors that lead to our current economic woes. David Paul lays out how credit default swaps (CDS’s) lead to the collapse of AIG (italics mine):

Bachmann Ditched by RNCC

The National Republican Congressional Committee is pulling its ad support for Michelle Bachmann (italics mine):

Apparently, Digby and I are thinking the same thing. In a response to this post about the anti-Obama bear killing, I wrote that I was worried about violence against Obama supporters.

McClatchy Washington bureau chief John Walcott recently received the I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence. While doing so, he called out Compulsive Centrist Disorder. Walcott’s remarks:

DCCC Lowers the Boom on Bachmann

…and the internetz should get the credit. From thereisnospoon:

More specifically, I think more of the NIH budget needs to be much more focused and targeted, and less researcher driven. In a post about NIH proposal revisions (i.e., resubmissions after a proposal has been rejected and critiqued), ScienceBlogling DrugMonkey writes (italics original):

First, Sociopaths Kill Animals, Then…

…people. A chilling story from Cullowhee, NC: