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Recently, a McCain campaign spokescritter used the phrase ‘real’ Virginian. Anyone who has lived in the South has heard the phrase ‘real Southerner’ before. What’s despicable about that phrase is that it always refers to white Southerners–African-Americans are completely marginalized and ignored in the definition of a Southerner as if they don’t exist. Given the…

From Fayetteville, NC:

Hilzoy has a very interesting take on E.O. Wilson’s essay “On Biology and Morality“:

New Addition to the Blogroll

Say hello to Princess Sparkle Pony. Because commentary like this is priceless:

Minnesota’s Republican congressional representative, Michelle Bachmann, isn’t exactly popular around ScienceBlogs for many reasons, including her creationist beliefs (sadly, that might be the least awful thing about her). Over at AmericaBlog, Joe Subday writes:

The Boston Public Library has a really interesting exhibit of George Bellows’ drawings. Here’s one drawing, “The Law Is Too Slow”:

Noted without further comment:

More AIG Follies

If there were ever an argument for high income tax rates on large incomes (i.e., greater than five million), AIG is making it. The arrogance of its executives, even after a bailout, can only be called by its true name–corruption (italics mine):

The GOP Needs New Followers, Not Leaders

Well, the leaders suck pretty bad too. Having just spent two weeks in Virginia, this account of a meeting of McCain/Palin supporters rings true:

Oldest Bug EVAH! Discovered

(Jodi Hilton/Tufts University) In North Attleborough, MA, paleontologists have discovered the oldest insect fossil: