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While this letter I found at AmericaBlog.com deals with religiously-motivated intolerance towards gays and lesbians, I think it’s going to be germane (at least tangentially so) to the current stem cell discussion over at What’s New in Life Science:

We Do Too Make Stuff

Like driftglass, I’m getting tired of hearing that we should just let industry die because we don’t make anything anymore. That’s simply not true:

But You Can Bury All the Hummers

Jeffrey Leonard, an environmentally friendly businessman (no, really, he is), makes an interesting case for jumpstarting the economy and Detroit by offering massive government-based rebates for their cars, including the gas guzzlers (italics mine):

Genome of Ultra-Resistant E. coli Published

One of things I’ve done in my job is write letters of recommendation for various genome sequencing projects, particularly antibiotic resistance related projects, so it’s always good to see that those letters might result in published work. So onto to an incredibly resistant Escherichia coli strain.

Those Who Can Give Thanks, Let Us Give

I realize that’s kinda ‘socialist’ of me. One of the things about the era of internet commerce is that, even when everything is closed for Thanksgiving, you can still spend money. Or even give money to those who need help.

Was Sully EATED?

I’ve written before about the scourge of turkeys that are terrorizing the greater Boston area. One thing I’ve noticed is that the turkeys have gone missing this year. Apparently, one such turkey named “Sully” (by turkey-loving sympathizers) that established an enclave in South Boston is nowhere to be found:

I suppose I’ll have to start at the beginning. One of the things we do in the microbiome project is analyze microbial communities by assessing the diversity of 16S DNA sequences*. In other words, we want to know what species or ‘operational taxonomic units’–OTUs–are present and how many of that OTU are there.

From Bloomberg News:

ScienceBlogling Matt Nisbet argues that scientists* shouldn’t call science denialists, well, denialists. I listened to the audio clip he linked to, and I’m unconvinced.

One of the things the Coalition of the Sane can’t let happen is the ‘forgetting’ of the lunacy that is the theopolitical right. Any time someone who supported this lunacy makes public utterances, we must make sure that whatever they say is qualified by “Person X, who is a fucking wackaloon…” While this might smack…