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Gromia sphaerica: It’s a Cool…Macrobe?

There’s a neat Discovery News article about Gromia sphaerica, a very large testate amoeba:

Political Controversy and Research

There’s been a bit of talk about a recent PLoS Medicine article about the chilling effect of political controversy on research. The main conclusion–yes, political controversy surrounding topics including “the sexual health and/or orientation of adolescents; abortion; emergency contraception; condom use; anal sex; childhood sexual abuse; homosexuality; and the use of various harm reduction strategies”…

One of the fights that will have a significant long-term effect on the freedom of the press is over net neutrality. Oddly enough, conservatives, even though, at one point, the political blogosphere was predominantly conservative (no, really, it was), have been shrieking about the Fairness Doctrine. Why?

I haven’t a clue as to how to proceed about the potential auto industry bailout, and anyone who can say with confidence about how the largest industrial bailout in U.S. history will play out is kidding themselves. My instinct is not to lose U.S. controlled industrial capacity on national security grounds. But to follow on…

Many in the Punditocracy are proclaiming that the U.S. is a center-right country. While it’s pretty obvious that they’re saying this to justify their feeble pronouncements, that’s not what really bugs me about this center-right hooey.

Are We Talking About the Same Democrats?

Apparently, Al-Queda is quite…concerned about having Democrats in power. By way of maha, I found this David Ignatius op-ed, who quotes Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradhawi (italics mine):

One of the arguments for keeping private insurers in the healthcare system is that they will incentives to control costs. In Massachusetts, erm, not so much. First, some background:

I’ve been meaning to post about the corruption case involving former MA State Senator Dianne Wilkerson because it really lays out the most corrosive effect of corruption–a loss of trust:

By way of Amanda, I came across this letter sent to employees of a company that had installed a hand scanner to replace punch-card system for workers checking in and out of work (boldface original; italics mine):

How Will the GOP Rebuild?

Not that this is a real concern of mine, but something Kos wrote a while ago about the possibility of Huckabee becoming the RNC party chairman interested me: