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What Caused the 2005-2006 Housing Bubble?

By way of Edward Glaeser’s post (via ScienceBlogling Jonah) about the relative stability of housing prices in the New York City area, I was looking at the S&P/Case-Shiller Seasonally Adjusted Home Price Values (I really need new hobbies…). The really odd thing I noticed is that in the metro areas that had huge crashes (greater…

Jon Swift’s Best Blog Posts of 2008…

…nominated by bloggers themselves. Jon Swift has put together a self-nominated list of the best blog posts of 2008. My contribution is here, but, as the kids say, go read the whole thing. It will keep you busy for a while….

Driftglass on the Age of Bush and…

…why not letting bygones be bygones matters. Driftglass crushes Andrew Sullivan in one of the best posts of the year:

The Mad Biologist’s Guide to Blogging

So, does the Mad Biologist follow the advice given by big-time bloggers? Like Farhad Manjoo, I’ve actually read (ok, skimmed) The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging, but Manjoo gives an electronic version of the guide, upgraded to include advice from other bloggers. Onto the advice:

I don’t mean hope in the same way the Obama campaign did. Ian Welsh writes an incredibly powerful post about the personal politics of hopelessness–you should read the whole thing (it’s arguably one of the best posts of the year). But this little section struck me:

By lowering its benchmark interest rate virtually to zerohttp://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2008/12/median_wages.html, the Federal Reserve has eliminated monetary policy as a financial tool to aid the economy. Good riddance, because this was never a financial crisis.

So, if you go on the teevee machine and tell people that investment banks should be allowed to pay out dividends, and you’re simply an economics professor, we should probably take the claim at face value. But what if you have tens of thousands of shares as compensation for being a board member? Oops:

Nice Rebuttal of Pop Evolutionary Psychology

By way of Pandagon, I came across this good rebuttal by David J. Buller of evolutionary psychology. He’s certainly nicer about it than I am, since I think much of EP exists to justify middle-aged faculty sleeping with their younger graduate students. As the kids say, read the whole thing.

Merry Christmas!

Since, once again, my brethren and I failed to destroy Christmas, despite our new tactic of infiltrating the U.S. with cells of domestic homosexualists, I’ll wish everyone a Merry Christmas (only if you celebrate it of course):

I go away for vacation, and the most interesting arguments always seem to break out (at least, no one can claim it’s my fault). Lost in the entire kerfuffle over whether or not science journalists are wackaloon idiot fucknozzles is the question of why did Johnson bash ERV in the first place.