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By way of Steve Benen, we read that, in response to Lou Dobbs’ question of “What is dominant in terms of influencing weather?”, CNN meterologist Chad Myers responds:

I’m loath to call Scienceblogling Josh of Thoughts from Kansas out since he was one of my earliest linkers and readers, back when I was but a wee Mad Biologist; I probably wouldn’t have the readership that I have, in part, were it not for Josh. But Josh wrote something about Eric Lander that really…

The De Facto Flat Tax

Every so often, conservatives bring up the flat tax, wherein everyone pays the same amount of income tax, regardless of how much they make. Most of these plans, unless you want to eliminate the entire Pentagon, will raise the tax burden on the lower middle and middle class, and lower them on the wealthy, further…

Over at What’s New in Life Science Research, I discuss different ways of being a bioterrorist. Comments are off here, go comment over there.

Eigenfactor and Carl Bergstrom Feature in Seed

It’s nice to see Carl Bergstrom, the driving force behind the Eigenfactor metric for measuring publication use, get written up in Seed magazine. Sez Bergstrom:

It’s truly odd to hear a creationist make a population genetics argument–an idiotic one no less. Rick Warren, evangelist and who will be leading the invocation at Obama’s inauguration, says the following about homosexuality:

I really wasn’t going to say much about the decision to have Rick Warren, civil rights opponent and evolution denialist, until Pam Spaulding bravely put on her slime guard and went to see what the rightwing denizens of Free Republic had to say. Warning–not safe for workdecent human beings:

The War on Christmas: Who Is Leading?

By way of Scienceblogling PZ, I stumbled across a very interesting article by Max Blumenthal about the origins of the ‘War on Christmas.’ This passage stood out (italics mine):

I finally can get around to writing about Jan Kemp, the University of Georgia professor, who, even as Georgia was winning football championships, had the courage to point out that the football players were graduating utterly unprepared for post-collegiate life. Kemp herself put it best:

Understatement Can Be Creepy

Last Friday, the NY Times published the actual obituary for Sunny von Bulow: