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By way of Atrios, we discover that Google has moved away from its pro-net neutrality position:

…never mind believe in. Obama can do much better than former Clinton official and current corporate lobbyist David Hayes for Secretary of Interior. As a lobbyist for Ford, Hayes chose to side with Ford over a poor Native American community:

Sunday Sermon: Building Surburbia Prediction

I recently finished Dolores Hayden’s Building Suburbia, and I recommend it highly.

Over at What’s New in Life Science Research, I have a post about how screwed up it is to be worrying about bioterrorism when we can’t even handle annual influenza.

I think this description by a former ambassador of hiring practices in the State Department during the reign of Little Lord Pontchartrain explains so much about the last eight years (italics mine):

I think NASA director Mike Griffin wants to lose his job (not a good idea these days…):

Reed Elsevier Publishing in Trouble

This couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of assholes:

Why Aren’t U.S. Toyota Workers Paid Better?

David Leonhardt does a good job of explaining the lies surrounding the bogus $73 per hour compensation that the Big Three autoworkers supposedly receive–even if he does so rather elliptically. Here’s how that $73 figure is reached:

Note to Yglesias: Class Size Matters

At the risk of channeling my inner Bob Somerby, I still don’t get how many progressives (call me a liberal) approach education (granted, the phrase ‘education reform’ usually foreshadows bashing teachers unions).

The Surgeon General urges that creationist dumbitude only be viewed through the StupidVu 9000 or other approved viewing device Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson is a very ignorant man. Sorry, he might get offended by that. Allow me to be more accurate: he’s a creationist. Oh boy: