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Saturday Sermon: Post-9/11 Panic Syndrome

A while ago, I mentioned that I like the idea of keeping Sheila Bair on because she didn’t panic like a ninny, unlike most of the other Bushies–who panicked like ninnies about everything. Gary Kamiya says it better:

My apologies to the Great Bard. Today is Blogroll Amnesty Day, this year co-hosted by skippy and Jon Swift. According to skippy, we’re supposed to link to five smaller blogs. Below the fold, my five choices, and my mauling of Shakespeare in honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day:

Friday Links

Some links for you. Science:

Science Does Teach Values…

…such as a respect for the truth. So says Dennis Overbye:

At the behest of Our Benevolent Seed Overlords, I recently discussed elitism and how to restore science to its rightful place. I think, though, porn is probably not the best way to do so (italics mine):

This Is “Wasteful Spending”?

Congress, under pressure from Republicans*, cuts $200 million to refurbish the National Mall:

One of the rhetorical strategies that has been employed against science deniers has been the claim that a ‘broad scientific consensus exists’ to support a certain position (e.g., global warming, evolution). A problem with this strategy is shown by the blog belonging to this commenter (I don’t give links to wackaloons) which provides lists of…

Too Big to Fail Is Now Too Big to Manage?

It looks like nationalization of failing banks is off the table. What bothers me are two of the reasons given by Treasury Secretary Geithner. Reason #1:

Seriously. The political tactics are virtually identical. From The Krugman (italics mine):

Tuesday Links

Here are some links. Science-related stuff: