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If you’re an evolutionary biologist, try to find the time to do this:

Our Benevolent Seed Overlords ask “What is science’s rightful place?” which refers to a line from Obama’s inaugural address where he vowed to “restore science to its rightful place.” Since ScienceBlogling Jake discussed the importance of basing policy on evidence–as well as correctly recognizing that the method we use to solve problems does not shed…

And you thought the War on Science was over. Bush appointee Kathie Olsen, who was the deputy director of NSF, and who couldn’t give a straight answer to Senator John McCain when asked about human influences on global warming, might have been “burrowed” into the NSF:

NSF Funding to Be Doubled?

According to the text of HR1 (pdf), NSF will be getting an additional $2.5 billion as part of the ‘stimulus’* package. From HR1 (pp. 54-55):

Sunday Links

Heckuva week. Science first:

Richard Besser to Be Acting CDC Director

I doubt he’ll become the new director–although I think he would be a very good choice–but, until the CDC gets a new director, Richard Besser is the Acting CDC Director:

Good for Eric Holder

I’m becoming more enthusiatic about Eric Holder as Attorney General. It’s nice to see some clarity about waterboarding–that is, partial drowning interrogation. From Steve Benen:

MRSA ST398: It’s All Tara’s Fault…

I’m kidding, but ScienceBlogling Tara Smith has co-authored a PLoS One article about the emergence of the MRSA strain ST398 in Iowan pork farms. Pig farms are a tremendous reservoir of bacteria: as far as I can tell, there are about six pigs for every person in Iowa.

A few days ago, I discussed the ‘doughnut model’ of journalistic bias that Jay Rosen described. Thinking about it some more, both Rosen and I got it wrong. Ultimately, the problem isn’t that certain views and policies are ruled out of the political discourse (although that is a real problem). The problem is that the…

Thursday Links

Here are some links for you. Science goes first: