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This is the kind of story that makes me sick to my stomach–soldiers stateside were expected by their base commander to applaud for Pastor of Evil Rick Warren:

While most people have focused on the torture part (how could you not with CNN’s cutaway to Bush), I responded the most to this section:

Last week, I spent two days at a human microbiome meeting, the goal of which was to plan the direction (for now, anyway) of the Jumpstart/Human Microbiome Project, which has and will spend a total of $38 million. This got the Mad Biologist to thinking (always a dangerous thing, at best): why is so little…

Tuesday Link Dump

Here are some links. By the way, I heard some new guy is preznit or something. Science first:

By way of Amanda, when pandas attack:

Later today, Obama will give his inaugural speech, and like most such speeches, it will be full of bipartisan platitudes. That’s fine, if par for the course (although, for a counterexample, FDR’s 1932 address serves as a clarion call without all of the Cumbaya crap). Nonetheless, Obama has one very important political task ahead of…

“All Labor Has Worth”

From the archives: One of the things that is often neglected on Martin Luther King day is his dedication to economic justice. What is forgotten–often willfully–is that he was an advocate for racial and economic justice. From a speech he gave to striking sanitation workers in Memphis on March 18, 1968 (italics mine):

The Stimulus and NIH Funding

I’ve been looking at the Recovery Bill working its way through the House Appropriations Committee, and, regarding NIH funding, I have a lot of the same doubts that ScienceBlogling Jake does. I’m concerned that it spends too much money building capacity without any commitment to provide research funds to use that equipment.

Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. Science:

If you haven’t heard by now, some theopolitical conservatives are angry at the Krispy Kreme doughnut chain because they used “doughnut of choice” in an ad campaign. I think Amanda’s take on why these wackaloons fear TEH DONUTZ is right on target: