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From former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich: It’s about time a presidential budget unequivocally redistributed income from the very rich to the middle class and poor. The incomes of the top one percent have soared for 30 years while median wages have slowed or declined in real terms. As economists Thomas Piketty and Emanuel Saez…

If you want to know what a housing bubble is, you only need look at Maricopa, AZ:

Jindal Is Smart? Really?

In the commentary about LA Governor Bobby Jindal’s disastrous response to Obama’s speech Tuesday night, we keep hearing how smart he is. So what do we call a supposedly bright person who is a creationist and believes that an exorcism cast out cancer? And this is personal:

Wednesday Link Dump

Here are some links for you:

CPAC, Creationists, and…Giraffes?

Creationists say my head will explode. OH NOES!!!! Driftglass bravely dove into the shallow end of the gene pool that is the Conservative Political Action Conference, which he describes perfectly: For all nine-minutes of bullshit, faux-introspection chin-music that came from the Right about change, future and vision after they got hog-slaughtered in the last two…

It drives me nuts when Democrats, often anonymously, pontificate in the press about What Democrats Should Do (as opposed to actually doing something). This Washington Times interview almost makes me sympathize with Republicans:

Digby makes a very good point about the real world effects of conservative propaganda: I’m convinced that one of the mistakes we’ve made over the years is not telling enough stories of real people who were affected by the conservative movement’s deregulation fervor. When they can keep it all abstract and clean it sounds great.…

I think before everyone gets excited about the effectiveness research that was funded in the Recovery and Reinvestment Act–basically, using the scientific method to find out how well different medical treatments work–we need to realize that the medical industry might have scored a coup here (italics mine):

Sunday Links

Some links for a rainy Sunday. Science:

How to Deal with Foreclosed Home Owners

Over at Beat the Press, economist Dean Baker describes his plan to deal with the wave of foreclosures: