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Some Thursday Links

Merry Thursday! Here are some links for you. Science:

Tamiflu, Influenza, and Resistance…

…Oh my? The CDC is being very smart about this issue. As long time readers of this blog will know, the Mad Biologist is very concerned about the evolution of resistance to antibacterials (antibiotics) and antivirals. One such antiviral is Tamiflu which is used to treat influenza infections.

More Swine Flu/Homeopathy Snark

Courtesy of Skepchick:

Probably not. I have no idea how serious this swine flu outbreak will be. As I noted yesterday, it could evolve to cause less severe symptoms or more severe symptoms–right now, nobody knows for certain. But I find the possible overreaction by the public to be disturbing (I think the public health system has adopted…

Quote of the Day

Surly Amy mixes swine flu and homeopathy:

Nonoptimal Virulence and Avian Influenza

Since TEH SWINE FLU!!!11!!! is a hot topic, I thought this post about how infections could evolve increased virulence after switching animal hosts was relevant. From the Murky Depths of the Mad Biologist’s Archives: There’s no reason to think that an epidemic influenza strain won’t become more deadly….

Republican Senator Susan Collins went along with Karl Rove and cut or eliminated funding from the stimulus package for pandemic influenza spending. While Democratic Congressman Obey was able to restore $50 million for infection reporting, all state and local funding was eliminated. Nicely done, ‘moderate’ Senator Collins (italics mine):

More on Fake HuffPo Pseudo-Experts

ScienceBlogling PalMD does a good job of eviscerating the false claims of expertise by woo practioner ‘Dr.’ Patricia Fitzgerald and the rest of the witch doctors over at The Huffington Post, so I thankfully don’t have to (so many fucking morons, so little Mad Biologist…). But PalMD neglected to mention one thing about ‘Dr.’ Patricia…

David Broder Defines the Banality of Evil

(from here) And I don’t mean that in a good way. Washington Post columnist and Compulsive Centrist Disorder sufferer, regarding prosecutions for torture, scribbles:

Some Saturday Links

Happy Saturday. Here are some links. Science: