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Geithner and Too Big to Fail

We hear a lot about ‘too big to fail’ and how future regulation should be designed, at least in the financial sector, to prevent growth to that size. Apparently, Treasury Secretary Geithner hasn’t heard about this:

Salmonella Poisoning Is Rampant

A recent article in MMWR Weekly with the unassuming title of “Preliminary FoodNet Data on the Incidence of Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food — 10 States, 2008” is incredibly disturbing.

The Ethicurean has a superb interview with author Maryn McKenna about MRSA and agriculture. In the interview, the following question about MRSA transmission was asked:

Programming Note

I’m back from vacation, so normalcy (and the occasional response) will resume tomorrow. Thankfully, I just missed the Great Teabagging by a few hours…. (I swear, movement conservatives are very porny)

The Post-Twitter Communication System

Or maybe not. By way of ScienceBlogling Ed Yong, I came across tweenbots, which are little robots that can only travel in one direction, and…well, just watch the video:

Framing, Evolution, and Power

While I’m away on vacation, here’s a blast from the past: Once again, the science framing wars have flared up. While I’m not allergic to the concept of framing as some are, one of the major reasons why I’m not a big fan of dwelling on the topic is that obsessing over language reminds me…

Summers’ Sleaziness Still Surprises

From The NY Times’ Frank Rich comes this amazing tidbit about Obama economic advisor Larry Summers:

Twitter Thoughts

So I recently joined Twitter. So here’s some random thoughts about it:

I’ve been meaning to get to this topic after it came up in Obama’s ‘online’ press conference. For me, the argument in favor of legalization is that it would weaken organized crime and that legalization of other popular activities has done so in the past (more on that in a moment). Of course, for some…

Economist Dean Baker makes an excellent point about the supposed complexity of the housing crisis: