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I came across this post decrying the choice of Ralph Frieden as CDC director due to his “bluenose moralizing.” Here’s part of the argument:

Employee Death and Executive Bonuses

By way of David Sirota, I came across this Wall Street Journal article about the latest corporate sleaze–collecting insurance when your employees die:

Since I don’t own a television that actually gets reception, and I refuse to pay for cable*, when I’m on the road, I occasionally turn on the TV. What do I see, but CNN criminal shock jock Nancy Grace.

…the signal peptide? Interesting. I’ll start at the beginning.

While I’m away at ASM, here’s something from the archives for you When I read Olivia Judson’s post about hopeful monsters, I didn’t think she used the term correctly (here are some good explanations why), but I was surprised by Jerry Coyne’s response.

Admittedly, you won’t hear credit card companies call Congress’ failure to cap credit card interest at 15% annually (which is what credit unions are forced to do) that, but, as Ian Welsh notes, that is exactly what Congress’ inability to enact a cap means:

“Could You Patent the Sun?”*

Probably not. But genes linked to a high risk of breast cancer?

The Horrors of U.S. Healthcare

At some point, the debate over healthcare is really going to heat up. Sure as shit, we’ll start hearing about long waits in other countries, ‘rationing’, and other tales (I put rationing in scare quotes because the U.S. rations healthcare: if you’re lower-middle class, you don’t have it). With that, I bring you this post…

Programming Note

I’ll be off to the American Society for Microbiology meeting tomorrow. Anybody going? The blog will keep on rolling thanks to Our Benevolent Seed Overlords Blogerrator 9600.

At Long Last, Have They No Decency?

“Fear the drumstick!” (Globe Staff Photo/Mark Wilson) I’ve written before about the nefarious scourge of turkeys in the Boston area. Once again, Boston’s turkey terrorists are on the march: