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One of the things Massachusetts has done well is supporting the arts. I’ve mentioned before how important the arts are economically, but let’s turn it over to The Boston Phoenix:

Thursday Links

Here are some links for you. Science first:

Men, Women, and Partying in Science

Throughout my career, I’ve perceived a double standard towards women in science regarding behavior at scientific meetings. For those of you who aren’t professional scientists, the after-hours parts of meetings are very important for one’s career and scientific opportunities. Like it or not, the ‘non-science’ parts of the social construct of Science matter a great…

Free Samples in Medicine: FAIL?

A recent PLoS Medicine paper suggests so:

Namer of Pluto, Venetia Phair, Dies

Venetia Phair, who suggested the name Pluto for the planet orbitting body space thingee we call Pluto died recently. How it came to be called Pluto is fascinating:

…which were formerly known as newspapers. A recent column by Frank Rich makes me think that news organizations can be viable using a paid subscription model–in fact, I think they can be very successful. The problem is that they might not be very widely read. Rich, discussing the looming demise of many newspapers, writes (italics…

The ‘Elitism’ of Dijon Mustard

Having been at Genome Camp (a.k.a. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Biology of Genomes meeting) last week, I didn’t have time to blog about the latest movement conservative idiocy of getting all het up about Obama asking for Dijon mustard at a restaurant. It’s clearly another instance of attempting to place Democrats in cultural opposition to…

Why the Left Isn’t Well-Funded

While I disagree with his implications of what it means for the Left (or what passes for it), Aaron Swartz makes a very good observation about the monetizers of the conservative movement:

Between around 1999-2007, I never understood how so many people appeared to have so much money. Yes, some were actually rich and earned a lot of money, but I knew many people–too many people–who just didn’t make that much money, but somehow were able to afford a home, payments on two nice cars, lots of…

I hope the swine flu outbreak focuses attention on the importance of vaccination.