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Sunday Links

Merry Sunday! Here are some links. Science:

Katrina vanden Heuvel makes a good point about some bad framing in the healthcare debate–the ‘centrists’ aren’t in the center at all:

Boston in the 1920s: Conservative

By way of Universal Hub, I came across this video of Boston in the 1920s. Not only is neat to see a lot of the same buildings, but I find it really interesting that Boston is described as conservative (whereas today, according to the Real America Propaganda, we are Homofascist Horde central). Of course, Boston…

There are times I agree with this post by Ian Welsh:

Friday Links

Here are some links for you. Science:

Some Polling Data About Science Funding

By way of a post about the popularity of healthcare, I came across some polling results from a survey that asked people whether funding for various things should increase, decrease, or stay the same. The results:

Inspired by this funny satire of mouse genomics research (“Tedious scientists hail uninspiring mouse genome breakthrough“), I dug up this funny article in a newsletter from the genome center at which I work:

For those who haven’t heard, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested by the Cambridge Police (the charges were later dropped). According to Gates’ attorney:

Wednesday Links

Now that ScienceBlogs is unborked, here are some links for you. Science:

So, What Should Scientists Communicate?

In an earlier post (with the strikethrough eliminated–weird, it didn’t show up when I looked at the preview; it’s been fixed), I mentioned that it was hard to determine what Mooney and Kirshenbaum want scientists to actually communicate. One commenter pulled this from Unscientific America: After all, America doesn’t merely need non-scientists to better understand…