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Our Benevolent Seed Overlords asked me to comment on this SEED article about New York’s recent legislation that compensates women who donate eggs for research purposes. So I did. Go read it.

A while ago, I argued that The Boston Globe is basically useless, and should go out of business. Some people took exception to that, including readers I know from the ‘meat world.’ And then The Globe published an op-ed by a creationist.

One of the parts I liked about Unscientific America was the recognition that many scientists need to be trained in communication–and as importantly, this training requires funding, so universities have a financial incentive to reward scientific communication and outreach. Mooney and Kirshenbaum also think that non-profit organizations should and will play a critical role in…

I should never have to tag a post with “Secession.” Moving right along… Having grown up in Virginia, I’m well aware of the propensity of batshit lunacy: this is the state whose Republican Party nominated Ollie North for Senate. But Republican VA state delegate nominee Catherine T. Crabill has elevated the lunacy to a whole…

One of the advantages the conservative movement has is that it can be very lucrative to be a professional conservative, whereas being a professional liberal is rather difficult. There isn’t the tight integration of think tanks, conservative magazines, cozy book deals, and the occasional faculty sinecure (e.g., torturer John Yoo) on the left. What keeps…

Sunday Links

Here are some links to polish off your weekend. Science:

With apologies to Hannah Arendt. From an interview by Bill Moyers of Wendell Potter, a former healthcare executive:

No Man-Sitting on the MBTA

I think this public awareness campaign should have been called, “Dude, it’s not that big“:

More Good Democratic Hardball

One of the things that I find maddening about the Republicans’ sloganeering is that they’re never held accountable for the consequences of their slogans (“It’s not the government’s money, it’s your money”–actually, it is the government’s money, but that’s a separate discussion). Well, the Obama administration called Republican Senator Jon Kyl’s bluff, after Sen. Kyl…

Friday Links

Here are some links to start your weekend goofing-off. Science: