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One of the frustrating things about health insurance reform is that those opposing meaningful reform are completely beholden to insurance companies. Well, there is something you can do: reward the behavior of the House Democrats who are holding the line on the public option.

A couple days ago, while waiting for the T, a guy about ten feet away sneezed several times without even attempting to cover his face; he didn’t even make a ‘matador’, bullshit fake effort. Because of the angle of the light and what not, I could easily see the massive spray of mucus flying out…

In the ongoing Democratic Party effort to alienate rank-and-file Democrats, along with those non-aligned voters who supported Democrats, an weasel-dick cowardanonymous White House official expressed surprised at the support for the public option (italics mine): “I don’t understand why the left of the left has decided that this is their Waterloo,” said a senior White…

“The Public Option as a Signal”

Of course, it’s not bad policy either. Anyway, Paul Krugman is exactly right on target: If progressives had real trust in Obama’s commitment to doing the right thing, the administration would have broad leeway to do deals. But the president doesn’t command that kind of trust…. So progressives have their backs up over one provision…

While I’m loath to disagree with ScienceBlogling Daniel MacArthur about genomics, I can’t really agree with his assessment of genetic risk prediction:

…I was wrong. African-Americans and Latinos are already showing elevated numbers of swine flu hospitalizations in Massachusetts:

The New ‘Deather-ism’: Home Nurse Visits

One of the more successful healthcare interventions has been home nurse visits to families that have recently had a child: “Optional Coverage of Nurse Home Visitation Services” certainly doesn’t sound controversial. The initiative, which has existed in various forms at the state and local level for decades, would fund programs that “provide parents with knowledge…

Monday Links

Here are some links for you. Science:

What’s $24 billion of potential losses among friends? If you want to know what a zombie bank is, the foreclosure situation in California is textbook:

More on Mainstreaming Crazy

Following on yesterday’s post, we read that Rick Perlstein has similar thoughts: