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Democrats Have Demobilized Their Rank-and-File

File this under “Democrats are the stupidest political party in recorded history.” A recent poll asked, “In the 2010 Congressional elections will you definitely vote, probably vote, not likely vote, or definitely will not vote?” The answer:

Because the Mad Biologist isn’t nearly curmudgeonly enough, especially about things like education [/snark], I thought this post by Ed of Gin and Tacos hit the right notes: Should our educational system emphasize information retention or “critical thinking?” Here’s the problem. We do neither. Exams like this are no longer given, at least not commonly,…

Should You Get a Ph.D.?

Over at Sciencewomen, a reader, who is considering a Ph.D. program, asks: I have a Masters in Biology (from a 5 year BS/MS program) and for the past 4 years I’ve been working as a lab manager/technician. I have my own research project(s) in addition to keeping track of ordering/equipment maintenance/mouse breeding/etc. All-in-all it’s a…

Happy Thanksgiving

Remember that it is far better to eat turkey than to be eaten by them… On a more serious note, if you have enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, consider giving to your local food bank. If you’re in the Boston area, these people do good work.

Wednesday Links

If you’re traveling today, I hope it’s not too bad. Here are some links for you. Science:

From the NY Times, the blame game begins: At a hearing before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, representatives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security argued that they were right not to put immune-boosting adjuvants in the…

Steve Benen tells us about the long list of compromises by progressives and liberals to get us to where we are on healthcare: Keep in mind, when progressive Dems argue that they’ve already compromised, they have a very compelling case to make. They started with a desire for Medicare for all. That was negotiated down…

I’ve been looking at the House and Senate Bills, and, on antibiotic resistance, they’re not bad. Both bills would evaluate hospitals on hospital-acquired infection rates (although there’s no mention of nursing homes, which are a significant focus of infection). This is good.

Sunday Links

Links for you. Science:

…because that’s your job. TPM reports the following whine from an anonymous Senate Democratic chief-of-staff: However, I believe it’s worth reminding folks that–as long as the Republican Senators hold together–we have to hold EVERY single Democratic Senator, including folks like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson, which is usually impossible unless the legislation in question gets…