Mike the Mad Biologist

Annual Roundup: The Return of the Mad Biologist

It’s yontif, and we don’t blog on yontif, so here are some more highlights from 2009:

On Work and Time in Science

The Gates Arrest: The Police As an Occupying Force‏

Unscientific America: On Planets and Theories

Some More Thoughts About Unscientific America: What Are We Trying to Communicate?

So, What Should Scientists Communicate?

Egg Donation, Stem Cell Research, and Lady Bits

Misunderstanding Palin and ‘Palinism’: It’s the Politics of the Blood

A Significant, but Simple, Medical Advance: Hair Sheep Blood Agar Plates

Stimulus Package to Cities: Drop Dead?

On Scientific Embargoes: What Exactly Would Journalists Investigate?

“When Does the Greed Stop?”, We Ask the Other Side

ZOMG! TEH KIDZ DON’T KNOW SCIENTISMZ!: Actually, Four States Do Better Than All of Europe and Compare Well to Asia

The Reality of Health Insurance Copayments: The Insulin Edition

Reducing Quinolone Antibiotic Use Lowers Resistance

Note to Senate Dems (and Candidates): Stop Insulting Us with Filibuster Scare Tactics

Genetic Risk Prediction: The Difference Between Diagnostics and Research

How Creationism (and Other Idiocies) Are Mainstreamed

KPC: The Other Potential Pandemic–And We’re Completely Ignoring It

Unscientific America and Positive Versus Normative Statements

Why Do You Do Science (or Other Stuff)?

The Future of Bacterial Genomics: It’s Not the Sequencing, It’s the…

Obesity Makes People Stupid…About Heritability

What Procedure Is More Common Than Heart Surgery and Hip Replacement Combined?