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Annual Roundup: Blog Free or Die Hard

Last of the annual roundup of 2009.

TEH SWINEY FLOO!, Streptococcus, and the Forgotten Vaccine

If Your Business Model Requires Ridiculous Gouging, Then…

Public Hygiene and Vaccination: They’re Not For You, They’re For…

Economics: Does It All Come Down to Those Stupid F-cking Natural History Facts?

Blue Dog Dems, Healthcare, Viral Marketing, and Quantifying the Unquantifiable

Economics, Evolutionary Biology, and the Triumph of Data: Krugman Is Missing Part of the Story

Journalism Needs a Reformation, Not a Revolution

Blue Dog Dem Kent Conrad Isn’t a ‘Moderate’, He’s a Radical Ideologue

Science Explains Why Boston’s Red Line Sucks So Badly

Some Thoughts on TEH SWINEY FLOO!! Policy, the Lesson of PCV7, and That Murderously Incompetent Atlantic Article

A Personal Observation on the Changeover from Population Genetics to Population Genomics

Instead of Using Public Funds to Subsidize Stadiums, We Should Help…

Waldmann on Theory, Math, Science, and Economics

Enough with Economic ‘Irrationality’: The Storytelling Edition

Should You Get a Ph.D.?

Antibiotic Resistance and the House and Senate Healthcare Bills

Why Should Democratic Voters Be Party Strategists…

Misinterpreting the Solution to the Manure Crisis and the Global Warming Problem…

Framing the Not-So-Obvious Answer, Stimulus, Theopolitical Conservatism, and the Power of Empowered Stupidity

What Is the Heritability of Being an A–hole?

The Great Viral Filter Shortage

WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!…And Clean Your Stuff

Do Parents Choose Schools or Student Bodies?

A Short Review of Nan Mooney’s (Not) Keeping Up With Our Parents

Imagine If ‘Genomics Denialists’ Get Their Grubby Hands on the Top Sekrit Microbiome Emails

Research: It’s Not About Prestige, But Money

Global Warming Denialism and Bearing False Witness

The Economic Burden of Antibiotic Resistance