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NIH to Get 4.2% Proposed Budget Increase

Just looked at the White House’s proposed HHS budget for 2011, and it seems like the NIH budget will increase from $30.8 billion to $32.1 billion, with over six billion spent on cancer (are you listening Orac?). Other civilian research agencies will be getting bigger increases (Intelligent Designer knows they need it)

I’m feeling hopey and changey!


  1. #1 Orac
    February 1, 2010

    are you listening Orac?

    Am I listening? Hell, I just submitted an R01, am working on an R21 for the Feb. 16 deadline, and plan on submitting another R01 in June and my competing renewal on my present R01 in July, while our cancer center has to submit its competitive renewal for its core grant in September.

  2. #2 llewelly
    February 2, 2010

    4.2% hopey and changey?

  3. #3 Army ration Packs
    February 17, 2010

    This is a very informative post for all of us but the 5-year doubling of the NIH budget represents a bold policy decision to reset the level of public investment in biomedical research. The authors propose 6 principles to guide NIH spending in coming years that would protect that investment by balancing support for new research with respect for prior commitments and national research capacity.

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