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Best Commercial Spoof EVAH!

By way of Mocha Mama, we find a superb spoof of that really annoying Super Bowl commercial–the Dodge “Last Stand” one–which described how men are supposedly being emasculated (here’s a helpful hint for you if you’re feeling emasculated: stop watching so much fucking television, and go do something useful. Just saying). Anyway, this is brilliant:



  1. #1 human
    February 20, 2010


  2. #2 MartinDH
    February 20, 2010

    human: seconded

    I just watched the “Man’s last stand” ad and all it reminded me of was religious trolls whining about how oppressed they are.

  3. #3 anonyman
    February 20, 2010

    Does this mean he can’t buy the Dodge Charger he really wants? Let’s just say,each side has a point and call it a draw.

  4. #4 Chris Tucker
    February 21, 2010


    Yes. Yes, it is!

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