Mike the Mad Biologist

Links 12/27/10

Links for you. Science:

Ancient humans, dubbed ‘Denisovans’, interbred with us
Hub care sites see rise in stomach bug cases
African elephant is two species, researchers say


What Haley Barbour’s amnesia tells us: Like any good Southern conservative of his generation, he ignores the entire bad faith stew in which he was raised (a must-read post)
Really, Teacher. I Read the Assignment. The Marvel Comics Version.
When You Hit Bottom, Stop Digging. (Regarding this link and the previous one, I’ve dealt with value-added teaching appraisal and lifetime income issues elsewhere)
Police State: “Lefty” San Francisco Can Throw People in Jail For Sitting on a Sidewalk (this article misses the point: cops have always been able to do this, one way or another; what’s so gruesome is that this is what passes for policy to ‘help’ the indigent, even as the hardest hit areas by homelessness don’t support these policies)
Ministers and Federal Subsidies