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I’ve blogged before about how, for children under five, it’s not the ‘sexy’ microbes that kill, but instead, the run of the mill ones: the bacteria that cause diarrhea and pneumonia are the culprits. One of the things I have heard a lot of recently regarding antibiotic development (and related therapies) is that we need…

Seed Magazine Covers Acinetobacter

Update: I was in error (long day at work). The article was published in Wired magazine Seed Magazine, the meatworld Overlords of ScienceBlogs, has an article about Acinetobacter baumannii, a bacterium which can be resistant to virtually every antibiotic used to treat it–and in some cases, all antibiotics.

Platensimycin: a New Antibiotic

Joseph beat me to it: there’s a Nature article about platensimycin, an antibiotic that inhibits lipid biosynthesis in Gram positive bacteria. While it’s not in human trials yet, it’s always good to have another antibiotic that’s effective against MRSA and VRE. Now, if it only worked against Acinetobacter…

From the archives, comes this post about the health crisis no one cares about (except for the Mad Biologist. We are very caring): the 90,000 deaths per year from infections people get while in the hospital. And this number is probably an underestimate.

One of my many pet peeves is that nobody takes ‘ordinary’ bacterial infections seriously. I originally wrote this post Jan. 8, 2006, but I was ranting about Acinetobacter since the previous August. The good news is that people other than infectious disease specialists are worrying about it. The bad news is that the Infectious Disease…