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Beware the Icky Algae

This is all Massachusetts needs–an invasion of rock snot:

The Boston Globe reports that the Charles River swim race might be canceled because of cyanobacterial blooms. Again. So why is this happening? Phosphorous levels are too high:

Mad Biologist Scoops the Boston Globe?!

That’s right–you heard it here first: algal blooms on the Charles River in Boston. Spake Universal Hub: A blogger by the name of Mike the Mad Biologist, proving why we should get all our news from Technorati and Google Blogsearch, scoops the Globe by more than a week on the story (hmm, if a blogger…

Algal Bloom in the Charles River?

I was at the Esplanade in Boston, and I noticed something very weird in the water. By the Fairfield St. entrance, the water under the bridge and by the shore (on both sides, river and ‘canal’) was bright green, as if someone had dumped dye or paint in the water. When I got real close…