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A Question About ‘Olive Americans’

I’m a bit late to this story (although STOOPID does age well…), but Kansas Republican state representative Connie O’Brien had a minor bigot eruption–she apparently has a fool-proof way to identify illegal immigrants: She explained that she took her son to a financial aid office, and as she was waiting in line, she believed there…

I don’t see the need to redescribe the recent paper about the discovery of bacteria that can might replace, in extremis, phosphorus with arsenic, which was overhyped by NASA, was poorly covered by most journalists, and which has compromising methodological problems (for good coverage, read here, here, and here; and snark). But what the paper…

It would seem to me that if Obama is serious about reaching out to Republicans, keeping Sheila Bair on as head of FDIC is a no-brainer. Yet Treasury nominee Geithner does not support her. I can’t figure out what Bair did wrong (and I’m not being snarky). Consider:

Gromia sphaerica: It’s a Cool…Macrobe?

There’s a neat Discovery News article about Gromia sphaerica, a very large testate amoeba:

Glenn Greenwald asks a lot of good questions about the recent turns in the anthrax case. I’ll get to Greenwald’s specific questions at the end of the post, but all of Greenwald’s questions could have innocuous answers.

Best Time Waster EVAH!

They’re back. I warned you….

Giant Antarctic Invertebrate Critters!

Flasing back to my marine biology days, International Polar Year researchers have discovered all sorts of neato critters (sadly, I can’t find any pictures):

What a Tangled Web They Weave

Tom Pennington/Fort Worth Star-Telegram, via Associated Press First, rock snot. Now, giant spider webs that cover acres. One more screwy thing, and I’m stocking up on canned goods. From the New York Times:

Life on Mars?

It probably doesn’t look like Marvin. (from here) The data haven’t been released yet, but that’s what CNN is reporting: