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Animalcules, the November Edition, Now Up

That Carnival o’the Wee Beasties known as Animalcules is being hosted by Andreas Baeumer over at Baumhaus. It all looks really interesting, so check it out. And yes, I have a few contributions myself.

New Edition of Animalcules

Over at Viva la Evolucion!, there’s a new edition of Animalcules, the Carnival o’the Wee Beasties. I have a post there. There’s also a really good post about Vibrio cholerae–the critter that causes cholera.

New Edition of Animalcules

The carnival o’the wee beasties known as Animalcules is up at Science Matters. I have a post about MRSA and drug use in this edition. There’s also a good post about drug resistance in the HIV virus. While I’m advertising things microbial, revere at Effect Measure has a good post on patenting microbes and other…

Animalcules 1.9 Is Now Up

Over at Aetiology, the carnival o’the wee beasties known as Animalcules is now online. Lotsa good stuff. My contribution can also be found here.