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First, on Saturday, around noon, I observed this on Commonwealth Avenue: Because it’s not like it’s going to rain for the next 24 hours or anything. Second, we are once again reminded how poorly the Boylston Street Apple store fits with the Boston environment:

As someone who spent several years working across the street from the Frank Gehry designed Stata Center and had more than a few meeting there, I appreciate Joe Queenan’s wicked satire: An Iowa-based philanthropist and architecture aficionado has offered a $300 million reward to any city anywhere in the world that dares to hire someone…

(Click to embiggen) Don’t worry, I’m not describing Boston Mayor Menino’s latest harebrained scheme. Esplanade Magazine, which is some great architecture/real estate porn (and it’s free!), describes an effort in 1907, during the heyday of the City Beautiful Movement, to build an island in the Charles River. It didn’t happen due to opposition from Beacon…

Bestest Hobby EVAH!

Figuring how Stonehenge was built–in your backyard: Truly awesome.

Boston in the 1920s: Conservative

By way of Universal Hub, I came across this video of Boston in the 1920s. Not only is neat to see a lot of the same buildings, but I find it really interesting that Boston is described as conservative (whereas today, according to the Real America Propaganda, we are Homofascist Horde central). Of course, Boston…

Having recently returned from the ASM (American Society for Microbiology) General Meeting held in Philadelphia, I’m convinced that it should be held there every year–or, at least, it should be the permanent East Coast venue.

This is not the Mad Biologist Or how the Boston Phoenix proves they missed the point of Shepard Fairey’s work (Fairey made the iconic Obama poster). I’ll get to that in a moment, but Sunday, I went to the ICA in Boston to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit. For me, it was a blast from…

There’s been a wee bit of excitement over the opening of the Apple Store in Boston. When you get right down to it, it’s just another Apple Store: as far as I can tell, there’s nothing special in terms of merchandise. It’s the architecture that’s the problem.

The Apartment Building of the Future?

This is really cool: a building that is not only environmentally friendy (low energy use, low impact building materials, passive heating and cooling, and so on), but also comes with its own hydroponic garden system.

Battle of the Iraqi Contractors

It’s sad that the only way oversight can occur in our Excellent Iraqi Adventure is when one sleazebag contractor rats out another sleazebag contractor (italics mine):