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Right-Wing Militarists Beat Father of Marine

If “Gathering of Eagles” needs a new emblem, this one is currently available At the recent anti-war protest in Washington D.C., a pro-war group known as “Gathering of Eagles” assaulted Carlos Arredondo, a father of a Marine killed in Iraq:

(from here) The Kansas Republican Party has a loyalty oath that its candidates have to sign. And it’s not to country, but to the Republican Party:

John Nichols, in an interview with Bill Moyers, clarifies a very important–and misunderstood–point about impeachment (italics mine):

I go away for a meeting, and Congress goes and holds a vote about the Iraq War. Like some, I’m disgusted by the outcome, but I think many are blaming the wrong people. To paraphrase Pogo, the enemy is us. Or least part of us.

Oh God, McCain Is the Sane One

Last night, the Republican presidential candidates were asked what they would do in a “24” situation. Intelligent Designer help us, but McCain (and Paul) were the only sane ones.

The ‘godly’ singing “The Old Rugged Cross.” Or something The last thing most people in the Coalition of the Sane want when they are being treated for a serious illness in the hospital to have the staff try to convert you to another religion. And when you force a sick patient to choose between following…

Incarceration and the Cult of Hovind

Remember the old joke that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged? By way of Ed Brayton, I came across this post by Kent Hovind about his time in jail. Both the post and some of the responses are fascinating (in a ‘car wreck’ sort of way) because they illuminate the authoritarian mind…