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One of the things that I don’t write about much on the blog, but that I do follow with great interest is urban planning and transportation (yes, I need new hobbies). Among the glitterati of blogtopia (and, yes, skippy invented that phrase), there’s a lot of discussion of how to develop better transporation policy. I…

But You Can Bury All the Hummers

Jeffrey Leonard, an environmentally friendly businessman (no, really, he is), makes an interesting case for jumpstarting the economy and Detroit by offering massive government-based rebates for their cars, including the gas guzzlers (italics mine):

From Bloomberg News:

I haven’t a clue as to how to proceed about the potential auto industry bailout, and anyone who can say with confidence about how the largest industrial bailout in U.S. history will play out is kidding themselves. My instinct is not to lose U.S. controlled industrial capacity on national security grounds. But to follow on…

Atrios describes one of the hidden, but very important costs of parking, especially in cities–parking:

…at least in Houston, Texas. With non-automobile transportation options in the news, on of the interesting things is that the actual entire cost of automobile transportation infrastructure–that is, roads, is rarely discussed, while it is almost always raised with mass transit. But, by way of Ryan Avent, lookee what happens when the lifetime cost of…

I like the Smart Car, particularly if it comes with bunny ears. But this is not keeping with the design philosophy of the Smart Car:

An Air Car?

No, I’m not referring to the Jetsons. By way of Phronesisaical comes this story about an air-powered car:

Do We Really Suck This Bad at Making Things?

There are two recent and very disheartening stories about energy technology. The first has to do with the new standards for automobile gas mileage in the U.S.: