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Scientia Pro Publica #38 is Up!

Lots of interesting science happening over at Dr. Shock’s place. My utterance is this. As the kids say, check the whole thing out.

Programming Note: Microbiome Meeting

I’ll be at the Human Microbiome Research Conference for a few days. But don’t worry, this blog will keep on rollin’.

There’s a new science blogging collective in town: Scientopia. Some of the denizens will be familiar, some are new. Looks pretty cool though. I like that mathematics is a front page ‘topic’ (hint, hint, Seed Overlords). Anyway, stop by and check it out. And kudos to them for getting it off the ground.

…my ten word summary is as informative as a Science or Nature paper. Ouch. So Byte Size Biology tagged me with the “Blog of Substance” meme, originally developed by Bora. I usually don’t participate in internet meme-ey things because I’m just too persnicketty to write about what other people want me to. I really don’t…

I had been considering, over the weekend to write a navel gazing post about The State of ScienceBlogs and Its Relationship to the Mad Biologist. And then Virginia Heffernan of the NY Times wrote a quote picking article about ScienceBlogs, thereby screwing up my weekend blogging (so much stupid, so little Mad Biologist). At the…

Scientia Pro Publica #35 is Up!

I’ve been at a meeting, so I haven’t been able to get around to this, but Scientia Pro Publica #35, a science blog carnival, is now live at Kind of Curious. There’s lots of sciencey goodness over there (including this contribution by yours truly). So head on over and read some good science.

More on Pepsigeddon

Update: Shortly, after writing this, ScienceBlogs pulled the Pepsi Blog Thinking about it overnight, I’m back for now. The short version is that I think the changes are sufficient, although I’m still very disappointed in Seed. Basically, the changes in presentation seem to make it clear that the blog is advertising, not Sb content–and I…

You might have heard that ScienceBlogs has rolled out a new blog about nutrition sponsored by Pepsi and that will discuss some of the things Pepsi is doing (so far, I’ve seen responses here, here, and here). Never mind shattering the credibility of someone who wrote this: …keep in mind that most of the problems…

Say Hello to Superbug 2.0

I’m really thrilled that Maryn McKenna, author of Superbug (my review here), has joined ScienceBlogs. Stop by, and look around. I’m looking forward to lots of infectious disease goodness (or badness, I suppose…).

Programming Note: ASM Meeting.

I’ll be at the ASM meeting in San Diego next week (so don’t steal all my stuff). But don’t worry, the blog, like the Might River Jordan, will keep rolling on. Email replies and so on won’t be happening though.