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Farewell Revere

One of my favorite bloggers and ScienceBloglings, Revere, is leaving blogging. It was a great run. Stop by and leave some kind words.

Jon Swift, RIP

We are saddened to report, by way of Blue Gal and Tom Watson, that faux conservative blogger and brilliant satirist Jon Swift passed away. I corresponded with him a few times, and I always found him to be a complete delight (not to mention a riot). My favorite Jon Swift: Jon Swift’s Complete Amazon Reviews…

Best Defense of Pseudonymity EVAH!

Last week, I defended pseudonymity. Well, the Epicurean Dealmaker has the best defense of pseudonymity EVAH!: …in the United States, schizophrenic home to both the largest number of elite universities in the world and the broadest-based strain of anti-intellectualism known to Western democracy, the aggressive debating style of lobbing witty insults at your opponent only…

ScienceBlogling Matt Nisbet throws down the gauntlet about anonymity: Much of the incivility online can be attributed to anonymity. And with a rare few exceptions, if you can’t participate in a dialogue about issues without using your full name and true identity, then what you have to say is probably not that valuable. It’s a…

Programming Note: Blog Unborked

My apologies about the blog being borked earlier today; I wasn’t able to republish the pages for a few hours cuz I had to do TEH SCIENTISMZ!! Anyway, you might want to read this post about healthcare that was EATED.

I Am a Money-Grubbing Pharma Shill

…for about $2.50 a day. Over at Age of Autism, there’s a DEVASTATING two part series about how ScienceBlogs has been bought and paid for by Big Pharma (and I don’t mean Rush Limbaugh). I’ve always been amazed when people accuse me and my fellow ScienceBloglings of being bought off. Most of us just aren’t…

Programming Note (and Gut Yontif)

I’ll be on the road for the High Holidays (and a much needed vacation). But the blog will keep rolling on. Gut Yontif to all.

Comment Policy

If you show up and boast about how you would shoot people in the head, your addresses and other things get entered into the spam filter. It’s my blog, that’s how it goes down here.

Programming Note

I’ll be off to the American Society for Microbiology meeting tomorrow. Anybody going? The blog will keep on rolling thanks to Our Benevolent Seed Overlords Blogerrator 9600.

If all has gone well, I’m at Cold Spring Harbor for the Biology of Genomes meeting (actually, I’m here a day early for the Microbiome ‘pre-meeting’), so responding to email and comments will be sporadic. You know you’re in a fast-moving area when the last figure is assembled Friday morning (because the data were just…