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In the battle of ideas, what things are called matters (e.g., the ‘death tax’ instead of the estate tax). So I’m utterly puzzled as to why Paul Krugman is calling the current state of play in healthcare centrist: The fact is that the Senate bill is a centrist document, which moderate Republicans should find entirely…

If you haven’t heard by now, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds got clobbered by the Republican candidate. One of the things that hurt him was the poor turnout by independents and Democrats compared to the 2008 presidential election. And why did they stay home? Consider the answers to these three questions posed to VA Democrats…

David Broder Defines the Banality of Evil

(from here) And I don’t mean that in a good way. Washington Post columnist and Compulsive Centrist Disorder sufferer, regarding prosecutions for torture, scribbles:

More Senator Nelson/Blue Dog Budget Insanity

Via Greg Sargent, we learn that Blue Dog Democrat Senator Ben Nelson is still a repulsive person.

Later today, Obama will give his inaugural speech, and like most such speeches, it will be full of bipartisan platitudes. That’s fine, if par for the course (although, for a counterexample, FDR’s 1932 address serves as a clarion call without all of the Cumbaya crap). Nonetheless, Obama has one very important political task ahead of…

…or dead. Compulsive Centrist Disorder is a malady that strikes many pundits who think that the ideal policy is always between two opposing points of view, even if one of those viewpoints is really fucking stupid. Sadly, Compulsive Centrist Disorder, when applied to healthcare, can harm the health of innocent bystanders (italics original; boldface mine):

Kennedy and Summers: Two Bad Nominees

I agree with ScienceBloglings Orac and Mike Dunford: Robert Kennedy Jr. shouldn’t be in an Obama cabinet.

McClatchy Washington bureau chief John Walcott recently received the I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence. While doing so, he called out Compulsive Centrist Disorder. Walcott’s remarks:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC wrote an op-ed a few days ago about the need for bipartisanship. Here’s a taste:

…and that’s a good thing.