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Matt Stoller Wants His Dog Whistle Too

Apparently, Matt Stoller, like the Mad Biologist, wants to hear a dog whistle from Obama too (italics mine):

My New Year’s Resolution: To Be Partisan

A lot of irrelevant, has-been politicians are making noises about the need for bipartisanship, now that there’s even a remote possibility that a moderate Democratic agenda could be enacted. Just say no to Compulsive Centrist Disorder; be partisan!

The Politicization of Evolution

Between my original post about how to punish creationist politicians and ScienceBlogling Greg’s discussion, several readers commented that I was making this a political issue. Quite simply, I am not the only doing that: the Republican theopolitical conservative base is. The issue is, do we fight back, or lose due to their political power?

I think there’s a related disorder to Compulsive Centrist Disorder: Magnanimous Pundit Syndrome. It seems to have hit Kevin Drum pretty hard (italics mine):

Is Merit Pay the Answer?

By way of Brad Delong, I stumbled across this column by Washington Post editor Ruth Marcus calling for merit pay for teachers. Centrist Democrats, particularly those who suffer from a touch of Compulsive Centrist Disorder, have been pushing this since the early 80s. And it makes no sense to me.

The Washington Pundit’s Perfect Society

I was reading this fascinating article about Japan’s adoption in 2009 of a jury system, when it struck me: the Pundits on the Potomac would love to have a society like this. From the NY Times:

John Nichols, in an interview with Bill Moyers, clarifies a very important–and misunderstood–point about impeachment (italics mine):

What Does Henneberger Want?

Scott LeMieux exposes the illogic of Melinda Henneberger‘s NY Times op-ed about abortion and Democrats. What I can’t figure out is what does Henneberger want?

Maybe I’m an Extremist?

Joe Klein was very angry last week at ‘uncivil’ bloggers, and in a storming fit of something that kinda looks like anger, only wimpier, came up with a list of attributes belonging to “left-wing extremists.” I’ve gone through the list and added my own commentary.

Abortion Is Icky and Slutty

Inspired by this Jeffrey Feldman post, I’m putting together a post about abortion, evolution, and the dislike by some scientists of framing. Feldman argues that reframing abortion is necessary to deal with anti-abortionists like Rev. Joel C. Hunter: