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Jon Swift, RIP

We are saddened to report, by way of Blue Gal and Tom Watson, that faux conservative blogger and brilliant satirist Jon Swift passed away. I corresponded with him a few times, and I always found him to be a complete delight (not to mention a riot). My favorite Jon Swift: Jon Swift’s Complete Amazon Reviews…

With some sadness, we read that GM is killing off Saab, although spare parts will still be made. The BBC’s Jorn Madslien explains how a well-engineered car line died (italics mine): When its owner GM bought Saab, it was seen as a brand that could become the US automotive group’s European luxury brand.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, RIP

Senator Kennedy died late last night. From his family:

I finally can get around to writing about Jan Kemp, the University of Georgia professor, who, even as Georgia was winning football championships, had the courage to point out that the football players were graduating utterly unprepared for post-collegiate life. Kemp herself put it best:

Understatement Can Be Creepy

Last Friday, the NY Times published the actual obituary for Sunny von Bulow:


Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise lost her father recently. Some kind words couldn’t hurt.