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I mean both the speech and the actual state. Amanda Marcotte wrote something that resonated with me: But we’re a nation that’s given up. At the end of the day, we’re a country where people will circle a parking lot for 15 minutes to avoid 2 more minutes of walking. Facing up to that sort…

Jindal Is Smart? Really?

In the commentary about LA Governor Bobby Jindal’s disastrous response to Obama’s speech Tuesday night, we keep hearing how smart he is. So what do we call a supposedly bright person who is a creationist and believes that an exorcism cast out cancer? And this is personal:

The MBTA in its infinite wisdom has started a pilot program to commercialize the public announcement system at subway stops:

I See Demon Worshipers

“More vomit! Damn it, I need more vomit!” Actually, before I get to this post about people who believe in demonic possession, I have a very simple question. If you believe in demons, isn’t that almost akin to worshiping them? After all, we do refer to believers as God-fearing people. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to…