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Atrios is right: Fairfax County, VA’s policy about taking a birth control pill is school is nuts:

In an excellent review blasting the false dichotomy of more versus less regulation (for additional commentary, see Amanda and Ezra Klein), economist Dean Baker proposes that the government get into the drug development business directly:

How Companies Price Drugs

Since it’s election season, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the price of medical drugs will come up. While I’m on vacation, this post from the archives is pretty interesting. Keep in mind, the person making this claim is a former CEO of Pfizer, so he might know what he’s talking about…

More evidence that the U.S. is suffering from a severe epidemic of dumbitude (italics mine):

Say hello to the Office on National Drug Control Policy and to faith-based drug overdose prevention. One public health intervention that saves lives is the distribution of Narcan nasal sprays to drug users:

PhRMA, the lobbying group for the pharmaceutical companies, claims that drug companies spend more on research than on advertising. A recent study from PLoS Medicine debunks this claim:

LOL Covert Ops?

It’s bad enough that a plane which previously made non-stop flights from the continental U.S. to Guantanamo Bay crashed in the Yucatan with tons of cocaine aboard. What’s even more ridiculous is the ‘cover’ story. The plane was owned by Donna Blue Aircraft which is in the business of “Aircraft Consultance and Sales.” According to…

Zinc: Good for Colds?

Erm, maybe not so much. From Clinical Infectious Diseases:

Opiate Addiction and National Healthcare

There’s an excellent article in the NY Times magazine about the problem of opiate addiction. One of the problems when distinguishing between patients and doctors who are trying to manage pain versus those who are dealing opiates is that there is no easy way to regularly track opiate prescribing.

A couple of weeks ago, after I posted about a very serious emerging bacterial threat, KPC, I received an email from a reader with an elderly relative in the hospital with a very serious case of pneumonia caused by KPC. What he* told me is shocking.