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In response to my latest post about Michael Egnor, I received a couple of comments lamenting my intemperance towards Egnor. Below is the long version, but Mark sums up the short version quite nicely (bold original; italics mine):

Amateurs Do Strategy and Tactics…

…while professionals do logistics (more about that in a bit). There’s a fascinating interview with Wesley Clark where he discusses the lessons of Hurricane Katrina.

A Great Description of Science

While the Republican War on Science isn’t doing as well as it once was, there still is too much politicization of scienctific results. Commenting on a BBC article about the UCS statement about scientific integrity, Jim at gives an excellent description of science (italics mine):

A few weeks ago, an FDA expert panel by a vote of 6-4 decided against the approval of the use of the antibiotic cefquinome in cattle. Unfortunately, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the political appointees at the FDA plan to overrule the expert panel and approve the use of cefquinome. The chairman of the…

Can There Even Be Political Discourse?

This week’s Carnival of Liberals, hosted by Philosophy, et cetera, asks contributors to submit posts that “assess the state of political discourse, or the question of how politics should be conducted.” So, let’s talk about that state of political discourse.

Buckling under to conservative pressure to find the non-existent evidence that Saddam Hussein had, in fact, been building weapons of mass destruction, about a year ago, the Bush Administration placed online documents from the Saddam Hussein era that provided technical information on building various nuclear devices. Quoth the Grey Lady:

One Reason Why I Blog

A friend asked today, “Why is there no one seriously critiquing the Gates Foundation’s priorities?” Given the influence that “Gates” has on the setting of public health priorities, as well as the massive sums spent, these priorities need to be critically examined. For example, I’ve heard on the grapevine that one reason the Ellison Fund…

Most microbiologists, you know, the experts , are not very thrilled with the emphasis being placed on bioterrorism. Inspired by Tara’s post on the Bioshield initiative, I’m reposting this from the old site.

After reading this Washington Post article about the Iraq War reconstruction effort, I’ve stumbled across the epitaph of the Bush Administration: Bush Administration appoints political cronies and ideological wackjobs to important positions. Said appointees pandimensionally clusterfuck everything sideways. People suffer and die due to avoidable ineptitude. Let’s document the idiocies.

The Republican War on Science 2.0

I just received fellow Scienceblogger Chris Mooney‘s The Republican War on Science. I’ve already read the first edition. The new edition has a new forward, updates at the end of many chapters, and a revamped conclusion. Hopefully, this weekend, I’ll get a chance to read it. For more information about the book, you can go…