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Best Commercial Spoof EVAH!

By way of Mocha Mama, we find a superb spoof of that really annoying Super Bowl commercial–the Dodge “Last Stand” one–which described how men are supposedly being emasculated (here’s a helpful hint for you if you’re feeling emasculated: stop watching so much fucking television, and go do something useful. Just saying). Anyway, this is brilliant:…

…when the misogynist internet comments start? Anyway, you should go read the article.

Reagan Was a ‘Reverse Sexist’

http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/5/27/735707/-Ronald-Reagan,-the-ORIGINAL-reverse-sexist With the Sotomayor nomination, many conservatives have been shrieking about ‘reverse racism’–you know, how the white man is being kept down, in this case by TEH LATINAZ!! AAAIEEE!! Well, wouldn’t you know, but conservative icon Ronald Reagan was a big supporter of reverse sexism (video and transcript):

Men, Women, and Partying in Science

Throughout my career, I’ve perceived a double standard towards women in science regarding behavior at scientific meetings. For those of you who aren’t professional scientists, the after-hours parts of meetings are very important for one’s career and scientific opportunities. Like it or not, the ‘non-science’ parts of the social construct of Science matter a great…

Best Definition of Post-‘Ist’ EVAH!

From commenter mcc over at Pandagon:

Conservative blogger Ben Domenech, in a stereotypical display of rightwing ‘humor’*, writes an imaginary speech for Fred Thompson’s withdrawal announcement (italics mine):

Girly Versus Manly

A tale of two political videos. First, girly:

Marriage Versus Servitude

A new divorce policy in Japan highlights the different outcomes when women are not dependent on men but interdependent with men. It’s scaring the hell out of Japanese men:

Ann Althouse, law professor and asshole extraordinaire, has decreed that Standing Straight Up with Breasts is whorish. Jessica Valenti from Feministing had a meeting with Bill Clinton and other bloggers–here’s the photo. I bring this up because women can’t be the only ones who decry this age-old smear tactic of calling women whores when all…