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A Dead Salmon: Bestest Control Experiment EVAH!

When analyzing data, understanding the limitations of your data is critical. One of the things we need to understand is significance: how strong does an effect have to be to considered not a result of random chance. Typically, we assume that if an effect has a five percent or less probability of occurring due to…

Craziest Looking Fish EVAH!

The green globs, inside the head, are the eyes Imagine a fish with eyes that slide around in its head–which looks like a fighter cockpit. Meet the barreleye fish, Macropinna microstoma:

Never Go to a Chinese Restaurant…

…and order anything that comes with “assorted meats.” You see, I thought that would mean mammals and birds. Instead, we got this:

More scary food news from China: Chinese catfish have been found to contain fluoroquinolone residues. Fluoroquinolones are medically important antibiotics and include ciprofloxacin (“Cipro”) and enrofloxacin (which has been banned from agricultural use in the U.S.). Not only can fluoroquinolones be toxic and cause allergic reactions, but this means that China is probably still misusing…

A while ago, I posted about the lionfish invasion of the Atlantic Northeast. Here’s a really good post about our Benevolent Lionfish Overlords.

Lionfish in Long Island?

This is really odd: there just might be a stable population of lionfish off the cost of Long Island. Many moons ago, I used to be a marine ecologist, and I would have never considered the notion that a tropical fish would be able to maintain an overwintering population even in Long Island Sound (which…

Toad Fish and Singing Drums

Here’s a neat post about toad fish and booming drums. Pretty cool.