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I think this quote by Nell Minow sums up what most people feel about bonuses for employees at bailout-receiving investment banks:

More AIG Follies

If there were ever an argument for high income tax rates on large incomes (i.e., greater than five million), AIG is making it. The arrogance of its executives, even after a bailout, can only be called by its true name–corruption (italics mine):

Reed Elsevier Is Stealing My Words

This displeases us greatly.

William Kristol and Nepotism

I had no idea how deeply involved nepotism was in the New York Times’ decision to hire William Kristol as an op-ed writer. From the Greenwald:

I think Republicans want to be cast as cartoon villains. In California, Republicans have twice prevented a Democratic measure (supported by Republican governor Schwarzenegger) that would fix a loophole that allows yacht owners to avoid paying their sales tax.

This quote from Fred Kaplan’s Slate article has left me gobsmacked:

This Person Needs to Pay More Taxes

(from here) While reading this NY Times article about houses in Newport, RI, I saw the above picture and thought, “That would be a really nice house to live in.” Then my head exploded as I read the caption:

Go read Hunter now. Here’s a taste:

Bush Obstructs Justice…

…and are you in any way, shape, or form surprised? Has anything in the last six years suggested to anyone in the Coalition of the Sane that the Bush/Cheney Administration has any sense of shame or propriety? Of course not.

A Question About DLC Democrats

How can the DLC-wing of Democratic Party, including Rahm Emanuel, continue to claim to know what’s best for the Democratic Party after they’ve been so badly schooled? By other Democrats (italics mine):